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Polyphone Klingeltöne
    Bitter Sweet Symphony     You're Beautiful
    Tripping     American Idiot
    Californication     Cannabis
    Nothing Else Matters     Matrix
    My immortal     Where Is My Mind
    NUMB     Numb / Encore
    I Bambini Fanno Oh     Eye Of The Tiger ( Ro...
    Come as You Are     In the end
    Karma police     We Are The Champions
    Bring Me To Life     In the shadows
    It's my life     Every You Every Me
    B.Y.O.B     New born
    Fiesta Pagana     All About Us
    Wake Me Up When Septe...     Goodbye My Lover
    Un ange frappe a ma p...     Still Waiting
    Precious     Advertising Space
    Stay together for the...     Clint Eastwood
    Und Wenn Ein Lied     Last Christmas
    Where Is My Mind (Liv...     Helena
    Clocks     Human behaviour
    Tear drop     Lifestyle of the rich...
    The Final Countdown     Beds are burning
    I Don't Want to Miss ...     Lithium
    Rythm is love     Pretty Woman
    Hypnotize     Running Up That Hill
    Back In Black     No one knows
    Wings Of A Butterfly     Picture
    What You Waiting For?     Wait And Bleed
    Holiday     Losing my grip
    Just Cant Get Enough     Tear me down

    Mission Impossible     Sex And The City
    Friends     Adams family
    Muppet show     Gym Tonic - Toutouyoutou...
    Das A-Team     Buffy
    Charlie's Angels     Emergency Room
    Save me smallville     CTU Phone
    Airwolf     Mc gyver

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