The blobs are set on the board, you can select only one to jump over another one. The goal is to leave only one at the end. 20 different boards to drive you crazy.... Download
Find the rabbit each time the hats move selecting 1, 2 or 3. It starts easy but it will go faster … too much for you?... Download
Skin AttackSkin Attack
You are a small character with a canon on a man’s head :) The insects attack so you have to defend the head’s skin from stings. Not so easy, you will see!... Download
Vertical PyramidVertical Pyramid
Our young hero is prisoner in a bottomless pyramid. By avoiding the traps and by getting back bonuses, the fall is going to be dangerous and faster and faster … where will you get at? ... Download
Viruses and Germs attack! Using a rotary gun, defend the immune system. Be careful, they are tough … stand firm! ... Download
Words of FearWords of Fear
Find the words letter by letter without mistaking more than 10 times because the shark behind you is going to make you regret it. ... Download
Bananas ChaseBananas Chase
The monkeys have to pull their leg to reach the top of the tree to eat bananas. But preserve the balance of the building which can collapse at any time. It’s your turn, find the balance!... Download
Asteroids FieldAsteroids Field
In the middle of an asteroids field, our spaceship has to go as far as possible in the space. Bonuses allow you to gain seconds and to increase your speed. It’s your turn to play.... Download
10 opponents more and more heavy and fast confront our Sumotori according to the rules of the Sumo wrestling. Be Zen ;) ... Download
Sea RescueSea Rescue
The helicopter has little time to rescue because the sharks are starving. You will have to throw lifebelt to the shipwrecked in distress but mind that everything is limited!... Download

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