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River Storm 3D (Java-Spiel river storm 3d)

Java-Spiele River Storm 3D - ( Kompatibilität )
River Storm 3D
River Storm 3D
Have you ever dreamt of being a helicopter pilot? QubicGames gives you opportunity to enter the cockpit of an armoured chopper and face the ultimate challenge of taking part in the war conflict.

Flying over the treacherous currents of the river you will be observed by the enemy forces that will do everything to stop you from further exploration of terrritory.

Your enemy will include lethal tanks, gunboats and a huge number of bombs that will blast once you touch them.

Your task as a pilot is to fly over the whole length of the river destroying enemy forces. Such a difficult and dangerous mission requires from the player lots of dexterity and reflex, but the victory over the enemy forces isnoble enough to have a try becoming a pilot. Good Luck!

- Game based on 3D Qubic Terrain Engine giving the player opportunity to explore amazing 3D worlds,
- 12 missions comprising 8 highly detailed maps,
- High quality 3D graphics,
- First-Player Perspective view,
- Campaign and Single mission game modes,
- 4 levels of difficulty,
- Over 10 minutes of ambient music,

Java-Spiel River Storm 3D Java-Spiel River Storm 3D Java-Spiel River Storm 3D
Java-Spiel River Storm 3D Java-Spiel River Storm 3D Java-Spiel River Storm 3D
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